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action in all of these areas because in the words of the president, surely we can do better than this. ♪ >> jennifer: last friday at 4:30 in the morning under the cover of darkness the michigan legislature passed a bill that would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons into hospitals, churches bars stadiums day care centers and schools. and just a few hours after the legislature passed that bill 26 people including 20 children were killed. gunned down at the elementary school in sandy hook elementary. the governor said that has given him clear pause. i beg your rick snyder please veto those bills and stop the madness, but here is what he is up against. 24 michigan lawmakers are acting on behalf of alec that conservative group that drafts gun legislation for lawmakers, and alec has been bank rolled by the nra. michigan's alec chair cosponsored the extreme gun legislation that rammed through the house and senate last week. but this is not just about michigan. michigan has been passing some crazy bills these last few weeks, but this is much broader. alec's le
indicated the president is ready to take action. >> while he is actively supportive of, for example senator feinstein's stated intent to revive a piece of legislation that would reinstate the assault weapons ban he supports and would support legislation that addresses the problem of the so-called gun show loophole. >> jennifer: yes! speaker nancy pelosi also pledged to renew the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. and to do so soon. >> right away today, this week, we could pass the ban on the assault magazine and the larger sense, let's go down the path of banning the assault weapon. i think there is a better chance to do that now than ever. >> jennifer: those remarks come after california democratic senator dianne feinstein pledged to introduce similar legislation yesterday. there are even some republican senators who might be on board! a spokesman for senator marco rubio told "tampa bay times" that he is, rubio is "looking for public policy changes that would prevent such a horrible event from happening again and
. >> okay. this is a vote just in the house. when is the action going to be complete? when will the senate complete that? >> well, here in michigan there is a constitutional provision that requires bills to lay over for a period of five days. we are expecting a vote in the senate by next -- next week on tuesday, and so, you know there will probably be, you know some more activity throughout the weekend. the legislature has announced session days throughout the weekend, which is pretty uncommon here in michigan so this is not going to stop at least for the in connection few days. then from there, it will go on to the governor's desk where today he indicated he would sign this so-called right to work bill. >> when was aich was a surprise? >> the governor has been consists ent saying it was not on his agenda didn't think it was a prior to. he testified before a congressional panel this year saying he didn't think it was appropriate for michigan in 2012. two days ago, he was asked by a reporter he finally said, it's on the agenda. this morning he w
security establishments, our business communities all know this is rear. there is a rear-guard action in this building led by polluters to keep us from taking action on this. we have to face the fact that the deniers are wrong. just plain dead wrong. >> jennifer: that is the incredible senator sheldon white whitehouse unloading on his colleagues at a senate hearing. exactly who is he talking to? take senator gyms inhofe. he's with the senate committee of environment and public works. that senator, senator inhofe has referred to global chime change change as an alarmist. why would he say that? maybe because the top three contributers to his political campaign for the top five years are some of the top fossil fuel industries in the campaign. koch industries, murray energy. devon energy. is there any chance that reason can speak louder than money? here to help us answer that question is jefferey sachs. he's comeing to us via skype from new york. thank you for joining us in "the war room"." >> thanks for having me again. it's great to be with you. 12,347 >> jennifer: i appreciate your p
. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport. (woman) i don't really know i suppose i probably should. (man) its quite successful with parties, and it's sociable. (woman)it just seems that people who want to take it, take it. >> the fumigation program has not stopped. and, they're now moving towards manual eradication, which, in many ways is as problematic, if not more so, than aerial fumigation. to see peasant farmers being held back at gun point by the national police, or other military while a team of a several dozen men, will come through, and basically tear up their coca field. and so in the course of twenty minutes, their entire source of food security is destroyed. >> we never got with why these peasant farmers continue to grow these crops year after year, and that has much more to be with historical abandon by the state, lack of economical activities, lack of export infrastructure, getting crops to markets, that sort of thing and we responded, basically with a big stick approach wh
a global day of action which will be interesting to see. and steven greenhouse, thank you so much for joining us inside "the war room." labor and workplace reporter for "the new york times." i would say we need to think about this as we are shopping for the holidays. as we buy these clothes that are made in bangladesh, that are made in pakistan, remembering the potential sacrifices over there to make sure that we can pay cheap prices. coming up, the will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government and to protect its free expression should be our first object. thomas jefferson. pretty smart guy. 200 years ago. tonight, we want to explore what those words mean today. what do they mean for the fiscal cliff where the will of the people is clear. we want the president's plan to say nothing of his choices to fill the cabinet. what do they mean? those words? for the war on drugs where the will of the people is starting to conflict with the law of the land? and what do they mean for women's rights?
to blasphemy is moral outrage and moral action. that's what that piece was about. >> john: i want to talk with you about the whole morality of gun culture. a lot of people are struggling with where do you draw the line between wanting to protect your family and giving easy access to weapons designed to kill people to whoever wants them. >> we're not talking about protecting your family. we all support that. all of the major religious traditions support that. we recognize the constitutional issues which allow us to bear arms. the question is do you have a right, either a moral right or constitutional right to have a gun that can fire 100 bullets in a minute? and the fact is you do not. is there any need to have a gun with a magazine that has more than eight to ten bullets and the answer is absolutely not. there is no reading of the jewish tradition the muslim tradition, the christian tradition that poses any obstacle to sensical gun control >> john: i could not agree more. you were part of a group of interfaith cler
. that motivates almost every action they take these days and that leads them to have a vote that can give them cover later on. but the speaker and the republicans are so poorly positioned right now on this issue, they look like they want to do nothing but defend the wealthy. and i think this vote is going nowhere, hopefully there are real negotiations going on at the same time, otherwise the republicans will go over the cliff, not the country. >> jennifer: the progressive groups are not letting up on boehner. because said there was a coalition of unions that went after speaker boehner. >> what will happen if house speaker john boehner gets his way on the budget? welcome to boehnerville where the rich won't pay their fair share. our children's educations will be cut. medicaid medicare and social security will put at risk and the economic recovery would falter. >> jennifer: so it's airing against a handful of house republicans. do you think that's a strategy that is going to work to have that outside pressure? >> i think it's important to keep up the pressure against
a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. cu >>> we the taxpayers have spoken! we have made clear our goals! now we are watching you! it is your responsibility to make proposition 13 work. >> jennifer: republicans cheered when californians in 1978 approved proposition 13. it capped property taxes and required a two-thirds vote in the legislature to pass any future tax increases. but prop 13 turned out to be anything but the panacea that its proponents promised. california once ranked 7th, has now dropped to 35th. it has the highest debt and lowest credit rating of any state in the country. this can be blamed in part on proposition 13. but californians had a little bit of an awaking this year and they voted for proposition 30 which temporarily raises income taxes for the wealthy and sales taxes for everyone, with rev views going towards education, and now there is word that the state is expected to have a billion dollars surplus, california, in 2014! when they had a $42 billion deficit in january 2
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)

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